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My name was Dixie

About Me

I lost a part of me this morning when the good lord took my Boxer. I will miss her very much as she was a big part of my everyday life. I will miss her little numb waggling when I would come home and she would want to play with me.. She gave me almost 12 years of happy times and I will miss those da

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I love you Dixie and daddy will miss you very much...

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My name was Lennox

About Me

So sad and unfair! Lennox was taken from his family bc he looked like a pit but was not. Sadly sat in a shelter for 2 years, kept from his family and was put down this morning!! Stop labeling dogs and telling us what type we can have!! All bc assholes use them badly others suffer! R.I.P Lennox !!!!

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sleep tite run free over the rainbow bridge

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